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The Top Ten Mistakes that Divorcing Couples Make:

When your marriage comes to an end, it can get complicated.  The problem, of course, is that a lot of difficult decisions must be made, and these decisions have life-long consequences.   It is difficult to know exactly what to do.   This is why it is critical that, if you a seeking a divorce, that you obtain the services of an experienced family law attorney.   Most of these mistakes have their root in what might be called "folk wisdom".   In other words, legal advice offered by your neighbor's cousin who just got a divorce, or by a television show.   A good lawyer will help you avoid these disastrous mistakes:
10.  Quit your job.  In most divorces, there are two on-going financial issues.   They are child support and maintenance.   An urban legend has it that if you quit your job during the time your divorce is pending, the court will be unable to order to you pay maintenance or child support.   Following this hair-brained advice is disastrous.   If the court finds that you have deliberately quit your job, it will be determined that you are "shirking" your responsibilties, and the judge will order you to pay the same amount you would have been ordered to pay had you still been working.  The problem, of course, is that you are no longer work and, therefore, you will begin accruing delinquencies.  This could end up being a lien against your real estate, and your tax refund will be intercepted each until until the delinquency is satisfied.
9.  Move away.  Some people think that, if a divorce is imminent, moving away will throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings.  It will not.  In order to file a divorce petition, the law requires that only one of the parties be a resident of the county for at least thirty days.  If you move away, you will probably be driving this distance to court; and you will likely not be awarded primary placement of the children because it is you who has made the situation more difficult.
8.  New boyfriend or girlfriend.   This is an especially bad idea if there are children involved.  If, while your divorce is pending, you meet this other person who you simply cannot live without, keep it a secret.  In making placement decisions, the court and the the guardian ad litem will, at the very least, think it is bad form.   It will also make settlement discussions much more difficult, and there are many other disastrous consequences.