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Child Support and Family Law Forms

This is a catalogue of standard forms that are frequently used in family law cases; and especially where child support is an issue.  You may view these forms, and download them free of charge.  However, they are offered only as examples for informational purposes.   Attorney Jensen is licensed to practice only in Wisconsin, and these are Wisconsin forms.  Nonetheless, Attorney Jensen does not purport to offer you legal advice about whether these forms are appropriate for your legal needs.  You should not download these forms, change the names, and then submit them.  If you have a family law problem, it is always best to consult an experienced family law attorney.

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Summons and Petition for Divorce:  These are the documents that must be filed with the court in order to initiate a divorce action.


Order to Show Cause:  This is the form that is used to seek temporary orders on all issues, including child support.


Financial Disclosure Form:  This form must be completed before any court appearance at which child support will be an issue.


Parenting Plan:  If custody and placement of children, in addition to child support, are issues in your case, the statutes require you to file a parenting plan.


Marital Settlement Agreement:  If you and your spouse reach an agreement concerning the issues in a divorce case-- including child support--, a Marital Settlement Agreement must be created, signed, and filed with the court.


Martial Property Classification Agreement:  This document is used to classify property as individual property or marital property.  Although some people may refer to this as a "prenuptual agreement", this is not accurate.  The purpose of this document is simply to document whether or not property shall become part of the marital estate in the event of a divorce.


Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Judgment of Divorce:  The is the final "divorce decree" signed by the judge at the end of the case.  It contains orders concerning all issues, including child support.


Motion to Modify Child Support:  Child support may be modified any time there has been a "substantial change in financial circumstances."   This is an example of a motion to modify support.


Stipulation and Order Modifying Child Support:  If you and the other parent have reached an agreement about child support, you may complete this form and submit it to the court.  Child Support may be modified without a further court appearance.


Brief opposing dismissal because of a previously filed divorce in a foreign country.  It is not usual to encounter a situation where a divorce case is filed in Milwaukee County, and the other party claims that he or she has previously filed a divorce in a foreign country, such as Mexico.   This brief addresses that situation.


Motion and brief to prohibit the guardian ad litem from interviewing the children about the issues in the case.   Whenever there is a custody or placement dispute in a divorce or paternity action, the court is, for the most part, obligated to appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the best interests of the children.  In some cases, though, it may be counterproductive for the guardian ad litem to discuss the issues in the divorce with the child.  This motion and brief argues that the court should prohibit the guardian ad litem from interviewing the children.  It was filed in a paternity case and, therefore, the names have all been changed because the records of a paternity case are confidential.