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When your livelihood, and the livelihood of your family, depends upon child support, you need the professionals

Do I need a lawyer to get divorced?

Chances are, you find yourself on this web site because you are considering a divorce, or you have a child support issue, or you are having problems with custody or placement of your children.     You may be here looking for family law forms, or you may be doing your own research on divorce court.  You may just have a question concerning the meaning of certain legal terms.  The most important question you should have, though, is, "Do I need a child support lawyer or a divorce lawyer?"


There is no law that requires a person to be represented by an attorney in

divorce court.   This really does not answer the question, though, of whether you need  a lawyer.  


You certainly may use any of the resources you find on this web site.   The forms you find here have already been successfully used in divorce court.   But the family law-- and especially the new rules governing child support in Wisconsin-- can be very complicated.   You may try to understand the law yourself, but only an experienced child support attorney can make sure that you are awarded all of the child support to which you are entitled.   When the well-being of your family depends upon it, is it wise to tackle this problem alone?


Additionally, most lawsuits are won before the attorney enters the courtroom.  This is accomplished through the discovery process-- the process of taking depositions, of sending interrogatories, and of ensuring that the other party is providing truthful and complete financial information.  Here is where a support attorney can be especially helpful.  Not only does the attorney know what discovery processes to use, he knows how to make sure the process is effective.


Finally, being in divorce court is a traumatic and emotional experience.  Chances are, you are not thinking clearly.   A family law lawyer not only understands the law, he has years of experience in making key strategic decisions-- decisions that are driven by reason, and not by emotion. 


It is foolish to venture into divorce court without counsel.  There are good reasons to choose the Milwaukee Child Support Professionals.    Call now.  There is no fee for the initial consultation.