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When your livelihood, and the livelihood of your family, depends upon child support, you need the professionals

The Second Opinion Service

Most lawyers are competent and professional toward their clients; however, the law is complex, and most of what an attorney does is based on his or her experience and expertise.   This can sometimes be difficult for a client to understand.   Many times, a second opinion from an indepedent source is all that is needed to calm the client's nerves.     The "second opinion" may be nothing more than an assurance that what your lawyer is doing is correct.  Get peace of mind.  Get a second opinion.

If you need a second opinion, use the form below to confidentially submit your question to the Milwaukee Child Support Professionals.  We treat all such inquiries as attorney-client privileged communication.  No one reads your question except Attorney Jeffrey W. Jensen; and we do not sell or share your email address. 


If you decide to have the Milwaukee Child Support Professionals represent you, you may enjoy the convenience of online fee payments.