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Do I Need a Lawyer?: Divorce and family law lawyers are expensive.   My spouse and I agree on most things.  Do we need lawyers to handle our divorce?  This informative article explains when and why you should consult a family law attorney for your case. 


Divorce, Annlument, or Legal Separation?  If you are confused about which final judgment to seek, this article is a must read.


Your Rights:  A quick summary of what you are entitled to under Wisconsin's child support laws.


Shared Placement.  Where there are minor children in a divorce, it is very common for one of the parents to demand shared placement.  This article explores the circumstances under which a shared placement arrangement may work.  It also explains that these circumstances are somewhat rare, and in most divorce cases shared placement is not appropriate.


Calculate Support:  Calculating a child support award can be a complicated task; however, this article provides you with a thumb-nail sketch of how child support is calculated.


Special Circumstances:  As mentioned above, calculating child support can be complicated.   This brief article explains the exceptions to the rule.


Modify Support:  Child support may be modified any time there has been a substantial change in financial circumstances for the payer.  This articles explains how to go about modifying child support.


Non-Payment:  What happens if you obtain a child support order but the other doesn't pay?  This article explains what you should-- and what you should not do-- if you are not receiving child support payments.


Shirking:  The court has ordered your ex-spouse to pay child support, but he has "unfortunately" lost his job.  What can, and should you do about it?  This article by a Milwaukee divorce lawyer explains your options.


Maintenance:  One of the issues that must be decided in every divorce case is the issue of maintenance (or what used to be called alimony).   In deciding whether maintenance is appropriate, the family law court takes into account a number of factors, including the length of the marriage, the amount of child support, the property division, and other factors.  If maintenance is an issue in your divorce, you must read this article by Milwaukee divorce lawyer Jeffrey W. Jensen


Move out of state with your children: Now that the divorce is over, and you have primary placement of the children, now you  would like to take that dream job out of state.  It's not quite that easy, though.  This article explains how, under Wisconsin family law, you can go about moving out of state with your children.


Denied placement of children:  The judgment of divorce awards you periods of placement with your children, but your ex-spouse simply ignores the judgment.  What do you do about it.  This article explains how the divorce court can enforce its judgment concerning placement.


New boyfriend or girlfriend:  Inevitably, when a marriage splits up, there is the new boyfriend, or the new girlfriend. In this article, you will learn how to make this situation be a positive experience.


My Husband/Wife is Crazy!  Can't you do something about it?   Divorce causes monumental anxiety, and the parties are usually not on their best behavior.  This, of course, does not mean that they are truly mentally ill.  This article explains the circumstances under which the family court may order a pyschological evaluation in a divorce case.


That's no my child! What do you do if you are in the middle of a divorce and you learn that you are not the father of a child that was born during the marriage?   Are you obligated to support this child?  Do you have placement rights?  Can you have the court determine that you are not the father?  Read this article to find out.



Grandparent's Rights:  When a family breaks up, what about the grandparents?   This explains all of your rights as a grandparent in a divorce or a paternity action.


Your new boyfriend or girlfriend. It is inevitable that, following a divorce, both your and your ex-spouse will find a new partner.  Make sure that this new person in your life is an asset, and not a source of constant friction in your family.  Milwaukee divorce lawyer, Jeffrey W. Jensen, explains the top three strategies to employ to make sure that your new partner is a positive experience.

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