Milwaukee Child Support Professionals

When your livelihood, and the livelihood of your family, depends upon child support, you need the professionals

Reasons to Choose the Milwaukee Child Support Professionals

5. Personal attention.  Attorney Jensen is a sole practitioner.   Therefore, when you call you will not have to recite your client number nor go through a series of receptionists and assistants, nor a computer menu, in order to have your concern addressed.  Most likely, if you give your first name we will know who you are.    In addition to the general office number (414.224.9484), which will allow you to speak to a receptionist, Attorney Jensen has a direct line (414.671.9484) which will allow you to speak directly to the attorney if he is available.

4. Strength in numbers.  Although Attorney Jensen is a sole practitioner, he is part of a group of nine attorneys who share office space on the 12th floor of the Wells Fargo Bank Building in downtown Milwaukee.  This arrangement provides the strength of being able to address a wide variety of legal problems including criminal matters, personal injury, family law, and civil rights claims.  Additionally, no client wants to hire a lawyer, only to then have to face the court alone.   Every trial lawyer will, from time-to-time, be unavailable for a routine court appearance because he is involved in a trial in another court.  In the courts, jury trials take precedence over all other appearances.    Our strength in numbers means that if, for any reason, attorney Jensen is occupied in another court, you will still have a lawyer in court with you for your appearance.

3. Experience.   In any family law case there are going to be surprises.  The ability to respond effectively to unforeseen events frequently makes the difference between a favorable outcome and an unfavorable outcome.   There is only one way to develop the knowledge and skill to expertly face difficult and unforeseen circumstances-- experience.   Attorney Jensen has been representing individuals in family law matters for over twenty-five years.   

2. Peer review.  Attorney Jensen has received a Martindale-Hubbell distinguished peer review rating for ethical standards and legal ability for five years running.   The best way to judge a lawyer is to consider what other lawyers are saying about him.  For five years, Attorney Jensen’s peers have been saying very good things.

1.  Your own judgment.  When your family is involved, it is foolish to hire an attorney based only upon what you read on a website, or because you received a letter from the attorney, or because your neighbor’s brother-in-law used the attorney, or because you called around and this attorney has the lowest fees.   The outcome of your case will depend upon you working closely with your lawyer.    There is no substitute for a personal and confidential consultation with the lawyer.   Call Attorney Jeffrey W. Jensen now.   There is no fee for the initial consultation.  414.671.9484